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Here’s a thought

Wouldn't it be great if the results from your acupuncture session were noticeable immediately or as soon as the next morning after you’ve just woken up from an oddly remarkable sleep? Wouldn’t it be more fantastic still if the benefits from your acupuncture treatment lasted well into the week ahead or even longer?  

Here’s the great news!

I practice a style of acupuncture that boasts these benefits and I want to share it with you.Known by several names, Balance Acupuncture has been embraced by practitioners around the world as the original form of acupuncture which took root in ancient China nearly 3000 years ago. Discovered by my teachers teacher in dusty ancient texts, Balance Acupuncture is governed by one overarching premise - “Li Gan Jian Ying 立竿見影” which translates to “Stand pole, see shadow.” This phrase illustrates that the results of acupuncture should be immediate, and that is what the Balance Acupuncturist strives to achieve with every treatment. 

How it works

Balance Acupuncture is very effective because it is a unique way of observing and utilising the network of energy channels in the body known as meridians. Simply, this means that I will design a treatment for you where you’ll notice that I put needles far away from your area of concern. Remarkably this will allow the body to communicate with itself and to create a healing response. For example, if a patient comes in for stabbing low back pain there’s no need for them to stress about more pain in the affected area because all the acupuncture points we will use will be on the forearms and lower legs. Amazing, right?! For all internal medicine concerns such as fertility and mental health, Balance Acupuncture allows us to catalyse healing in a trauma-informed way since patients are not required to completely disrobe. It’s all a win-win! 

What I need you to do

Come try it for yourself. Even if you've had acupuncture before or haven’t been able to reach your health goals after those treatments do yourself a favour and come in for a Balance treatment. I have a passion for helping women achieve their health goals even if they’ve tried everything. Reach out to me to find out how Balance Acupuncture can help with your unique situation. 

I can’t wait to meet you.  

With love, 


Karolina Kluska

Karolina Kluska

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