Karolina Kluska

Registered Acupuncturist

Acupuncture, Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, Fire Cupping

Karolina Kluska is a deeply compassionate, empathic, certified acupuncture nerd who will delve into her well of experience to catalyze your inner healer, empowering your mind and body to remember the joyful and healthy person you are and helping return your body to whole function. Karolina will curate a unique treatment plan for your individual needs and most excitingly offer you a path forward to wellness! Karolina is devoted to journey beside you on your healing path. Be prepared to laugh, cry and heal.

Karolina has worked enthusiastically in community acupuncture spaces which have helped her foster a wealth of knowledge in treating everyone and anyone. Karolina’s go-to style of acupuncture is the elegant and easeful Balance Acupuncture which she feels blessed to offer her patients to connect them with their innate wellbeing.

Inspired by the rhythms of nature, Karolina can be found hiking a mountain, swimming in the ocean, reading a book in an East Van park or just about anywhere outdoors. She is a dedicated yogi, traveller and is just a little bit obsessed with self-care.