I'm delighted to have joined BLOOM Physiotherapy and Pelvic Health in the heart of Vancouver!

Together we will conquer your greatest health challenges, achieve your wildest health goals and maybe even add to your family.

Indulge in the ancient art of Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy to remind your body of the harmonious state it belongs in, helping catalyze healing in your whole body, mind and spirit.

Now offering:

  • Womens' & Mens' Fertility support to help you conceive naturally or to optimize Assisted Reproductive Technology such as IUI and IVF
  • Pregnancy support to help with emotional changes, morning sickness, sleep, digestion, pelvic and low back pain and everything in between
  • Cervical Ripening (birth prep) to have more easeful, satisfying birth experiences with reduced need for medical interventions
  • Access to my Prenatal Team including pelvic floor physiotherapy, Registered Massage Therapy and Chiropractic to care for all your pre- and post-natal wellness needs
  • Facial Rejuvenation (Cosmetic) Acupuncture to help you step up your skincare game, featuring Forget Beauty skincare products


Why work with me?

Here's just a few reasons!

Women's health is my wheelhouse

You're in great hands

Compassionate, individualized care

I've got you!

Elegant, effective treatments

Expect to feel a shift right away

Hello, I'm Karolina Kluska and I want to be your acupuncturist!

I practice a beautiful and unique style of acupuncture called Balance Acupuncture which traces it's roots to the most ancient form of the healing craft.

My patients tell me all the time that they don't feel great about going to their doctors to address their health concerns. My patients also want to achieve their health goals with natural methods. Acupuncture is such a powerful tool in their self-care tool kit that most of my patients don't know how they would get along without it and I'm confident you'll agree!

At my clinics I humbly offer


  • Acupuncture
  • Cervical Ripening (Birth prep) Acupuncture
  • Facial rejuvenation (cosmetic) Acupuncture
  • Fire Cupping & Cupping Therapy
  • Holistric Nutrition and Chinese Food Therapy Consultation


"I’m so blessed and grateful. You’ve absolutely changed my life."

- Patient Review

Don't let your health concern become a health problem.

Often the body needs a nudge to recover it's wellness but you'll never remember the healthy, happy person you are if you don't try.

The last thing you want is to drag out feeling anxious, depressed, tired or like a hot mess especially when all it takes to start healing are a few well placed needles.

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